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Collective Minds is a small synthesised team of technical and business development professionals focused on innovation, technology, customer experience and implementation. We are an all-in-one consultancy who pull in the required resources specific to your needs. From marketing strategy to web development to social media, or taking an idea to market, we thrive on agility and the ability to adapt to changing requirements and conditions. Got a concept to prototype or a business problem to solve? Or need to refresh your marketing approach or brand? We can help.

Shona Hill - Business and Marketing Consultant for Collective Minds

Shona Hill

A corporate sage in the technology, finance, manufacturing and start-up space. Shona thrives in new markets, product development, customer insights, business intelligence and business improvements. Shona brings marketing and program management experience to a hands on, pragmatic and structured work ethic.

Cari Hill - Photographer and Social Consultant for Collective Minds

Cari Hill

IT Project Manager and Freelance Photographer who has been managing and marketing her own company for the past 10 years. Cari combines her creativity, drive, facilitation and coordination skills with her generation’s knowledge of social media platforms to provide consultancy befitting today’s climate.

Aaron Simonsen - IT Delivery Consultant specilaising in large complex projects for Collective Minds

Aaron Simonsen

10+ years’ experience in IT delivery with a track record of delivering complex large-scale projects across different technologies and customer segments. An ability to deliver successful customer and business outcomes by utilising advanced technical, commercial, communication and change management skills.

Ben McMahon - Web Developer and Business Consultant for Collective Minds

Ben McMahon

A web developer, process Improvement specialist, and service delivery manager with expertise in product development and marketing management. Ben worked in corporate telecommunications for several years and completed his MBA with AUT in 2008. 

Since 2015 Ben and Emma have run an online marketing and web development company while traveling around the world.

Emma Harfield - Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist for Collective Mnids

Emma Harfield

A digital marketing and SEO specialist, Emma has a passion for people and has worked as a sales director in relationship management, helping clients to build and maintain connections with customers.

Along with Ben she has been working and traveling, using strengths from previous corporate jobs including business planning, building sales strategies, creating marketing campaigns and understanding how to generate new business opportunities.

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